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Leadership and Management

Quite often, it is observed that individuals landing into managerial and leadership roles lack the necessary skills to take on the challenges of a changing business ecosystem.

Further, these individuals are required to don the role of solution providers balancing in-depth research and industry best practices. The demands of the workplace require managers to learn and adapt rapidly even while ensuring smooth conduct of operations on the floor.

On the other hand, today’s rapidly changing market place and customer demands, has urged managers at every organizational level to display the attitude of intrapreneurship. Apart from the regular challenges of mounting work pressure, they are required to demonstrate strong business acumen, critical and strategic thinking to grow into strong leaders.

Handling this role transition for managers using appropriate learning strategies is critical to the functioning of the team and the organization as a whole. If not assessed and handled appropriately, it may prove to be detrimental to the organization resulting in lower team productivity and higher employee turnover rate.

Is your organization equipped to handle this?

SKILLDOM – Leadership and Management Solutions

At SKILLDOM, we understand the dynamics of every business in relation to the marketplace, industry-specific internal processes and systems and the need for equipping personnel to lead the organization from the front.

SKILLDOM’s leadership and management learning solutions use a three-dimensional blended architecture as a mix of interwoven processes, business strategies and personnel training.

First, we work towards a holistic transformation of your businesses’ processes and systems.

Next, we focus on building business strategies on this fundamental process framework.

Finally, we work towards aligning managers to your organization’s strategy by equipping them with appropriate personal and team management skills.

Leadership and Management Solutions – Key Differentiators

SKILLDOM’s blended learning solutions help managers foster a workplace that thrives on creativity, motivation, teamwork and responsiveness. Some of the key highlights have been highlighted below.

Given the time constraints under which managers operate, we encapsulate learning and present them in the form of knowledge snippets that are ready-to-be-assimilated. These learning snippets would be presented in the form of bespoke eLearning modules to offer a flexible approach to learning.

All our eLearning courses are accessible across devices anywhere and anytime. In addition, we use a range of technology solutions to suit the client’s specific needs and infrastructure arrangement.

SKILLDOM’s learning solution also involves the use of classroom-based programs to foster leadership values. The training methodology is coupled with on-the-job training, job shadowing and mentorship that cascades across the different levels of the organization. We use organizational development experts available on our panel to do the skill gap analysis and design training programs.

Business simulations form the core part of our learning solutions that help managers think, reflect and evaluate situations differently. These business simulations are cross-functional in nature and are built to integrate all the elements of the decision-making process. They help managers apply their decision-making skills in a non-threatening and fun-filled environment. Business simulations are available for both eLearning and classroom-based training.

Through our social learning platforms, we offer a stage where managers can collaborate with peers and experts through webinars, discussion forums and focus groups. This learning strategy helps in unlearning outdated management practices and learning concepts specific to management of modern day business.

Our personalized management portals are loaded with knowledge resources and toolkits to aid problem solving for managers. We work with industry partners to ensure clients get appropriate knowledge.

Leadership and Management

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