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Finance and Accounting

Managers at every level will need a solid grasp on the numbers side of business. Decisions made without understanding the financial implications may lead to reduced profits and a reduction in shareholder value.

Today, the biggest challenges of functional managers are their inability to interpret financial reports. Often, functional managers with a non-financial background, find it difficult to interpret financial information. This affects their decision-making process leading to lower rate of returns. In day-to-day business operations, a few areas that get impacted include:


  •   Understanding the performance metrics and financial drivers of the organization
  •   Understanding how business decisions influences the financial statement of the company
  •   Budgeting and costing for the department in line with key performance indicators
  •   Projecting new ideas to the senior management in financial terms
  •   Resource acquisition and allocation
  •   Investment of time in training and development to meet business goals and targets
  •   Hiring vendors to conduct business activities

Are your floor supervisors and managers equipped to work on increasing the profitability of your organization?

Finance and Accounting

SKILLDOM – Finance and Accounting Learning Solutions

In an attempt to cater to the needs of wide range of audience in the financial domain, SKILLDOM offers finance and accounting learning solutions in two different levels:

The ‘Finance for Non-finance Managers’ suite of programs is available as both classroom-based training and eLearning modules. These programs aim at transforming non-financial managers to a valuable and strategic leader even while helping them expand their cross-functional influence. These programs cover a range of topics that includes:

  •   Fundamentals of finance and accounting management
  •   Planning, forecasting and budgeting
  •   Costing and key performance indicators
  •   Preparation and analysis of financial statements
  •   Financial decisions and organizational profitability
  •   Translating financial numbers to operational parameters for an informed decision-making process
  •   Visualizing the cause and effect of their strategic business inputs in a financial context
  •   Judging the financial strength of their strategic business inputs
  •   Working knowledge of critical financial principles
  •   Use of financial tools for making effective decisions

The ‘Finance for Financial Managers’ suite of training programs caters to the performance and learning needs of financial managers working in the Banking, Finance Services and Insurance sector. The program coverage for each of these sectors is provided below.


Courses for building banking skills such as:

  •   Management of banking operations
  •   Lending and credit analysis of customers
  •   Balance sheet management

Financial Services

Courses for building banking skills such as:

  •   Fundamentals concepts of finance
  •   Financial planning concepts
  •   Wealth and portfolio management
  •   Financial markets and instruments
  •   Working in equity and debt markets
  •   Investment vehicles
  •   Foreign exchange markets


Courses for building banking skills such as:

  •   Working knowledge of life and general insurance markets across the life cycle of insurance products – Insurance selling to claims management
  •   Asset liability management in the insurance industry
  •   Industry regulations and competitor activity
  •   Designing insurance products

Governance and Controls

A. Compliance

  •   Awareness and application of laws, regulations and policies pertaining to accounting and auditing
  •   Rights and responsibilities, rules and procedures that govern corporate decision-making process
  •   Capital adequacy and anti-money laundering

B. Risk Management

  •   Key risks faced by organizations – market risk, credit risk and operational risk
  •   Risk analysis and project valuation
  •   Mitigation of risks

** Note: The programs offered above provide a broad listing of topics. They can be customized to your organization’s specific learning needs. Please talk with our sales personnel to know more about these program offerings.

Finance and Accounting Learning Solutions – Key Differentiators

Some of the key differentiators of fiancé and accounting learning solutions offered by SKILDOM are highlighted below.

SKILLDOM’s finance and accounting learning solutions makes use of associative mapping techniques by presenting concepts wrapped in a business context. Further, we use instructional case studies featuring real-time business scenarios to enhance the learning experience. This approach helps learners to associate these concepts with their day-to-day tasks and apply the same with ease on their jobs. This approach is used for both classroom-based training and eLearning.

SKILLDOM’s uses the expertise of industry experts available on its panel to create custom classroom-based training and eLearning programs. For customizing programs, these experts will closely work with organizational stakeholders to create focused training programs targeting key result areas that are critical to performance.

During the program design phase, SKILLDOM works with functional managers to perform a Job Task Analysis (JTA) to design programs specific to a job role. This helps us in delivering laser-focused training and avoid cognitive overload on the learner.

One of the major challenges with training employees on enterprise financial applications is the non-availability of a practice environment. All our application training uses computer-based simulations presented across three levels:

Show Me – Demonstration of tasks

Try It – Opportunity to practice with along with a feedback when a step is performed incorrectly

Test Me – Invites learners to perform the task in the absence of any external guidance

Learners can access these computer-based simulations across any device allowing them to learn on the move.

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