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Right use of technology aided learning for imparting knowledge in standardising processes

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SKILLDOM provides learning solutions that will help reduce the time-to-competence of your new hires and employees who are new to your process. With the dual advantage of immersive learning and a mobile technology that uses responsive design, process transitioning and training will now happen on the move.

Is your organization functioning at a reduced operational efficiency?
Do your employees take more time with their work than they ought to?
Do you falter with the delivery of your products and services to customers on time?
Do you compromise on the quality of the products and services that you deliver owing to lack of time?
Do you find issues with employees not performing to their fullest ability or capacity even after providing them with sufficient training on organizational and team processes?

If you have answered a ‘Yes’ to one or more of the questions listed above, it is time that you approach this problem with a holistic solution.

SKILLDOM provides the answer below.

SKILLDOM—Process and Technology Learning Solutions

When confronted with issues related to product and service delivery, it is quite natural for managers to conclude that the problem stems from process and skill-related training. However, from our experience, we know that the problem could run deeper seeking behavioral training interventions.

Uses a mix of classroom-based training, eLearning and on-the-job training to train people on:

  •   Organizational processes, policies and procedures
  •   Product, industry and technical knowledge

Uses a mix of computer simulations, gaming and classroom demonstration

Uses blended learning format through a mix of classroom-based training and performance support by floor managers to:

  •   Overcome resistance to process change or introduction of new processes
  •   Improve motivation in employees to adhere to processes

Process and Technology Learning Solutions—Industry Differentiators

From our experience, we realize that people are resistant to organizational changes. This could be related to a migration exercise to newer enterprise applications, adapting to a new technology or even a change in existing processes.

Prior to the deployment of process and technology learning solutions, SKILLDOM endorses and advocates the conduct of change management campaigns. This helps learners overcome resistance to organizational changes.

During the program design phase, SKILLDOM works with functional managers to perform a Job Task Analysis (JTA) to design programs specific to a job role. This helps us in delivering a laser-focused training and avoid cognitive overload on the learner.

One of the major challenges with training employees on enterprise applications is the non-availability of a practice environment. All our application traininguses computer-based simulations presented across three levels:

Show Me – Demonstration of tasks

Try It – Opportunity to practice with along with a feedback when a step is performed incorrectly

Test Me – Invites learners to perform the task in the absence of any external guidance

Learners can access these computer-based simulations across any device allowing them to learn on the move.

Often, it is observed that learners, who work well on enterprise applications during the training phase, falter when they are required to use the application in real-time. SKILLDOM helps learners overcome this problem by deploying scenario-based learning while training learners on applications. These business simulations are available for both classroom-based training and eLearning.

Our business simulations are self-contained learning experiences that recreate real workplace environments. We provide learners to test new skills and knowledge and even allow them to make mistakes – in a fun and safe environment.

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