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Advanced Learning Solutions

Whether your organization is preparing for a major change, launching a new business strategy or initiative, or upgrading employee skills to improve organizational efficacy, the Human Resource (HR) and the Learning and Development (L&D) functions of your organization have a critical role to play.

Organizational development activities involve a wide gamut of activities that focusses on personnel effectiveness to accomplish organizational changes and improve the performance level of the organization in the global arena.

Are your HR and L&D functions equipped well enough to take your organization to the next competitive level?

SKILLDOM—Advanced Learning Solutions

SKILLDOM’s—Advanced Learning Solutions is a suite of facilitator-led programs, which have been designed exclusively to equip your HR and L&D teams, to carry out organizational development activities. The suite of programs are designed to impart a wide range of skills from problem identification and data gathering to developing learning solutions to fix the problem at hand.

The design and implementation of these programs involves a consultative approach with stakeholders from the HR and L&D function of the organization. To improve participation and effectiveness, the programs are customized to include activities relevant to the specific industry of the client.

Project Title




Train the Trainer

Equip individuals with skills for basic program design and delivery

Two Days

This program will benefit individuals who are:

New to the learning and development function

Assigned tasks of conducting training as an added responsibility

Train the Trainer—
Program Development

Equip individuals with skills necessary to design and deliver training programs that is compliant with adult learning

Three Days

This program will benefit individuals who work in the Learning and Development (L&D) function and want to improve their skills in program and content design.


Aid individuals in developing their observation skills

Three Days

This program is meant to benefit individuals:

Who are planning to work as an assessor in assessment and development centers

Who are currently working in the role of an assessor and want to improve their skills

Facilitation Skills

Aid individuals who are interested in furthering their facilitation skills to facilitate programs for leadership profiles

Two to Three Days

Trainers and L&D professionals

Driving Performance
through Coaching

Equip leaders with skills to nurture performance in their teams and organization by being a coach

Two to Three Days

This program is meant to benefit individuals in managerial roles.

HR as a Business
Partner: The
Consulting Role

Equip individuals with skills related to Organizational Development (OD) Consulting to drive business initiatives and bring about change in the fabric of organizational culture

Two to Three Days

This program is meant to benefit individuals from the HR function and working at a mid-management level.

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