Fundamentals of Finance—Volume 3: Finance

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Fundamentals of Finance—Volume 3: Finance


 Duration: 5 hours

Vijay’s business is doing well. He plans to expand his business. However, before taking the plunge, Vijay wants to analyze the financial data of his business and identify the areas where he needs to improve.

Vijay seeks the help of his friends to carry out this task. The discussion provides pointers to various financial concepts that Vijay needs to have knowledge about.

Investors and shareholders analyze the financial statements of an organization to gain an understanding of the health of the organization. This helps them make an informed decision before investing in companies.

Here, in this course, Vijay’s business venture provides a context to help us learn more about concepts related to finance, as outlined below:

  •   The Analysis of Financial Statements
  •   Analysis of Unique’s Financial Data
  •   Working Capital Management
  •   Risk Management Process
  •   Finance for Expansion
  •   The Concept of Leverages
  •   Debt Financing Options
  •   Cost of Equity Financing
  •   The Concept of Time Value of Money
  •   Simple Decisions Using Time Value
  •   Investing in Projects

In this course, you will learn about analyzing the financial statements of companies and financing projects for expansion.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  •   Analyze financial statements using the ‘Ratio Analysis’ tool.
  •   Apply the principles of working capital management and risk management in a business environment.
  •   Calculate cost of different sources of finance.
  •   Apply the concept of ‘Time Value’ in the decision-making process.

This course is meant to benefit:

  •   Entrepreneurs wanting to learn about the financial aspects of starting an organization and monitoring its performance
  •   Non-financial managers seeking an introduction to finance
  •   Finance professionals in organizations wanting to refresh their knowledge on financial concepts
  •   Business managers, entry-level finance professionals and business executives who have the need to:
  •   Understand finance and investments in organizations
  •   Analyze the performance of the company
  •   Analyze the performance of the competition

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