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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals


 Duration: 20 hours

Managers at every level will need a solid grasp on the numbers side of business. Often, functional managers with a non-financial background, find it difficult to interpret financial information.

Decisions made without understanding the financial implications may lead to reduced profits and a reduction in shareholder value. In day-to-day business operations, a few areas that get impacted include:

  •   Understanding the performance metrics and financial drivers of the organization
  •   Understanding how business decisions influences the financial statement of the company
  •   Budgeting and costing for the department in line with key performance indicators
  •   Resource acquisition and allocation
  •   Hiring vendors to conduct business activities

This module on the ‘Fundamentals of Finance’ is meant to hone your basic skills in finance and accounting. It focusses on a wide variety of topics including financial planning, costing and cash flow and strategic financing.

This interactive program has been custom-tailored for individuals from a non-financial background using examples drawn from day-to-day business operations.

In this program, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of finance through the help of a story about Vijay, a budding entrepreneur. Vijay is setting up his new business. During this process, he learns new concepts in finance and accounting. Come, let us travel with Vijay and learn the fundamentals of finance too.

This course is meant to benefit:

  •   Students who have completed their education and looking for a prospective corporate career in finance and investment
  •   Managers with a non-financial background seeking an introduction to financial concepts
  •   Finance professionals in organizations wanting to refresh their knowledge on financial concepts
  •   Business managers, entry-level finance professionals and business executives who have the need to understand:
  •   Finance and investment in organizations
  •   Analyze their own business
  •   Analyze the performance of the competition

Pricing Details

Single User - Rs. 8,962.50

Upto 10 users - Rs.71,700.00

Upto 25 users - Rs. 134,437.50

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