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Business Communication


 Duration: 2.5 Hours

Business communication involves a multitude of tasks such as writing e-mails, creating and delivering presentations as well as interacting with clients.

In a business setting, with each type of task, you need to follow certain etiquettes of communication, to project a positive impression. Weak communication skills can sabotage your professional image or even affect your business.

In this course, you will focus on the fundamentals of effective communication. In addition, you will also explore areas of personal grooming, business and meeting practices, telephone and video conferencing etiquette and the art of writing e-mails.

Using real-life scenarios and workplace characters, this course will illustrate the significance of good communication skills. Come, let’s learn to communicate effectively.

Business Communication provides an insight into how you can develop your verbal and written communication skills as well as your business etiquette in global business settings. The list of topics covered have been outlined below:

  •   The 3Cs of Communication
  •   Listening Skills
  •   Videoconferencing, Meeting and Telephone Etiquette
  •   Written Communication
  •   The OSCAR Model
  •   Body Language

At the end of this e-learning course, you will be able to:

  •   Describe the importance of clear, concise and compelling communication.
  •   Explain the need for developing listening skills.
  •   Apply videoconferencing and meeting etiquettes in a business setting.
  •   Apply telephone etiquette for managing customers relationships.
  •   Describe how to manage unpleasant written communication, tactfully.
  •   Apply grooming and personal hygiene practices in your day-to-day life.

This course is meant to benefit:

  •   Budding entrepreneurs seeking to learn business communication for effective communication with customers
  •   Business professionals and entry-level managers in organizations seeking foundation skills in business communication to communicate effectively with internal and external customers
  •   Management executives seeking to refresh their skills in business communication
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