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Email Etiquette


 Duration: 2 Hours

Today, within an organization, email is one of the primary medium of communication. In order to convey the right message, you will need to sequence your ideas correctly and use grammatically correct sentences.

In addition, do remember that your choice of words will have an impact on the receiver of your communication.

In this course, you will explore a framework to draft effective emails and subsequently help establish yourself as a master communicator within the organization.

Using real-life settings in which communication plays an important part, this course will focus on developing your email writing skills. Come, let’s learn email etiquettes.

This program will help the participants develop their email writing skills as outlined below:

  •   Communication—An Attitude
  •   The Tenets of Communication And the SEDTS Framework
  •   Understanding Email Structure
  •   Application of SEDTS framework in email
  •   Drafting an Email—Dos and Don’ts
  •   Email for Practice

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  •   Present your thoughts in email using verbal and non-verbal means of communication
  •   Overcome barriers in writing email
  •   Use different communication tools while responding to emails
  •   Express yourself confidently and evoke the desired response from the receiver of your email

This course is meant to benefit:

  •   Entrepreneurs seeking foundation skills in writing effective emails to customers
  •   Entry-level employees and business personnel in organizations seeking foundation skills in writing effective emails to internal and external stakeholders
  •   Management executives who wish to refresh their skills in writing effective emails
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