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Managerial Essentials


 Duration: 12 hours

A successful manager is the one who has learned how to manage, motivate and lead his team and find constructive solutions to problems. This success is the result of implementing effective practices of management.

In this program, you will explore a variety of good management practices that you need to cultivate in order to be an inspiring leader. For instance, do you know that clearly structured goals have a direct impact on market share, growth and profitability? On the other hand, did you know that the use of appropriate body language and communication etiquette can create a lasting impact on your team and clients?

The Managerial Essentials program makes you adept equipping you with managerial skills such as interviewing, team management, conducting performance review and conducting meetings in an interactive manner. As you go through the program, it will serve as an excellent guide and tutor, for first-time managers and is always a good ‘back to school’ experience for existing managers.

This course is mean to benefit:

  •   Entry-level employees and new managers in organizations seeking foundation skills in leadership and management to fast track their career
  •   Management executives who wish to explore their leadership potentials or fine-tune their leadership and management skills to move to higher levels in their corporate career

Pricing Details

Single User - Rs. 4,780.00

Upto 10 users - Rs. 38,240.00

Upto 25 users - Rs. 71,700.00

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