Acing Resume Writing

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Acing Resume Writing


 Duration: 1 Hour

A resume is a document that provides an overview of your personality, talents and career progression to a prospective employer.

In addition, it also helps establish your credibility as an individual. On the same lines, the resume plays an important role in helping to be called for an interview by a prospective employer. As some see it, a resume is not a random list of your skills and educational qualifications that you present on paper. A resume comprises of different elements that go a long way in creating a good first impression.

This course on acing resume writing will provide you with the tools and tips to create your perfect resume. Further, it will help you understand the purpose and elements of a resume and things that a prospective employer looks for in your resume.

This course will guide you to write a perfect resume by understanding the purpose and elements of a good resume as outlined below:

  •   An introduction to Resume Writing
  •   Organization’s Expectations from a Resume
  •   Formulating a Personal Statement
  •   Creating your SWOT
  •   Structuring and Writing a Resume
  •   Drafting a Cover Letter
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  •   Describe the purpose of a resume
  •   Explore the elements that organizations look for in a resume
  •   Formulate your personal statement
  •   Create your personal SWOT
  •   Structure a resume
  •   Draft a cover letter

This course is meant to benefit:

  •   Fresh graduates who are seeking a prospective corporate career
  •   Career counselors, coaches and college professionals who provide career counseling to students
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