Managing Pressure at Work

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Managing Pressure at Work


 Duration: 1.5 hours

Did you know that stress at the workplace could impact your physical, psychological and emotional health as well as your behaviour? Your ability to cope with workplace stress can mean all the difference between success and failure in your career.

Do you feel overwhelmed when you deal with competing work priorities or a fast-approaching deadline? Everyone experiences work pressure. As you progress in your career and accept more responsibilities, the work pressure will increase.

Your success or failure much depends on how you keep your cool and maintain productivity when working in a high-pressure environment.

This course will help you identify the pressure situations that increase your stress levels. In addition, it will also help you build resilience to stress.

Employees experience varying levels of work pressure at an organization which can be stressful. Here, in this course, we illustrate the ways in which employees can deal with work pressures as outlined below

  •   Managing Workplace Pressure and Stress
  •   Pressure Triggers
  •   Managing Emotions at Workplace
  •   Building Resilience to Stress
  •   Ways to Manage Stress

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  •   Examine the common pressure creators and its triggers
  •   Examine personal and individual emotions related to pressure at work
  •   Explain the natural reaction that the learner takes when confronting with pressure situations at work
  •   Establish the difference between a reaction and a response
  •   Devise your own personal ways to manage high-pressure situations

This course is meant to benefit business professionals seeking to improve their work-life balance.

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