Safety Systems

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Safety Systems


 Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Employees working in hazardous jobs in the construction, healthcare and petroleum industry face a variety of threats to their life and safety.

For instance, infections are a constant threat to healthcare personnel who work with diseased patients. Uneven surfaces at construction sites can lead to trips and falls causing serious injuries to construction workers.

Other tasks such as welding, excavation, unloading petroleum products, dismantling heavy machinery or working on high-tension lines involves risks to life. Therefore, it is important to make such employees aware of the safety systems that they can use at workplace to minimize health hazards and accidents.

Safety systems help in creating a safe work environment for employees. Hence, considering the safety of employees working in these hazardous environments, a thorough knowledge and evaluation of these systems is important. This course will discuss ways to control workplace hazards such as work permit systems, energy control, lockout and tagout system and risk analysis and audit.

Safety systems at workplaces help create a safe environment for the employees. Here, in this course, as outlined below, we will discuss the different types of safety systems used in hazardous jobs.

  •   An Introduction to Safety Systems
  •   Work Permit Systems
  •   Energy Control
  •   Lockout and Tagout
  •   Risk Analysis
  •   Audit

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  •   Understand how work permit systems work
  •   Describe the lockout and tagout procedure
  •   Explore various control devices
  •   Explain the importance of risk analysis
  •   State the significance of audits
  •   Industrial workers including employees, contractors and management personnel prone to hazards in the form of accidents and health issues</li
  •   Employees and management personnel interested in learning more about workplace safety
  •   Social workers and common public interested in learning more about safety and health standards

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