Voice of Leadership—Self-Assessment and Motivation

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Voice of Leadership—Self-Assessment and Motivation


 Duration: 1.5 hours

Research shows that when people live lives that are different from their true nature and capabilities, they are less likely to be happy than those whose goals and lives match.

Personal leadership or the leadership of the self is your ability to define a direction for your leadership and life. It is about making a choice and involves courage and commitment to move in a determined direction to accomplish what you visualize for your future.

Building your personal leadership is critical to your professional growth and personal success. There is nothing greater than learning more about your own self, acquiring new knowledge and skills to further your own potential. In addition, you work towards building your own capacity to work smarter and travel towards your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Building personal leadership precedes the process of building organizational leadership. If you are not able to lead your own self, be prepared to fail as an organizational leader.

This course will sensitize you to discovering your motivational need to perform better and take that vital first step to becoming a personal leader. At the very core of being an effective leader, you will gain insights that let you know who you are—your passions, values, purpose and vision. You will further discover what it means to lead from inside out and work with proactive focus on all your daily tasks.

Developing personal leadership helps you to grow professionally and improves your performance. Here, in this course, we will discuss ways to build personal leadership as outlined below:

  •   Types of Motivational Needs
  •   Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  •   Characteristics of Achievement-motivated People
  •   Personal Leadership
  •   Building Proactive Focus

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  •   Examine motivation and its framework
  •   Examine the theories that surround motivation
  •   Examine the traits and attitudes of a highly motivated professional
  •   Sensitize yourself to engage in self-assessment
  •   Create a structure for personal leadership for yourself
  •   Describe the use of achievement motivation and relate the same to your own behaviour

This course is meant to benefit:

  •   Budding entrepreneurs seeking to establish their own organization
  •   Business professionals seeking to transform themselves as an organizational leader to lead the organization from the front
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