Managing Customer Confrontations

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Managing Customer Confrontations


 Duration: 1.5 hours

Did you know that the easiest way to handle irate customers is to stay calm and collected?

Every business aims to delight its customers. However, there may be instances when the product or service offered by the company falls short of the customer’s expectations. Such a situation may lead to undesirable customer confrontations. Though it may not be possible to meet all the demands of a customer, it is possible to manage an irate customer by reaching an amicable solution.

One of the most uncomfortable responsibilities of a customer service representative is dealing with an irate customer. However, the challenge lies with handling the situation delicately to avoid stating or doing anything that can add to the customer’s frustration.

No matter who is to blame, it is always important to follow a few basic principles to improve the situation rather than allowing the situation to deteriorate further.

This course features a solution framework that will enable you to defuse tense situations without incident. This framework comprises a four-step model that you can use with any unhappy or irate customer and build strong customer relationships.

Customer service representatives may sometimes have to deal with customer confrontations. Here, in this course, we illustrate the basic principles of dealing with such conflicting situations as outlined below:
  •   Power of Acknowledgement
  •   Attributes of Effective Apology
  •   Handling Emotions while Apologizing
  •   When to Appreciate
  •   Working out a Solution

At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  •   Examine the impact of customer confrontation on the business
  •   Examine the causes for customer confrontations
  •   Apply the 4-A model to manage unhappy and irate customers
  •   Examine the impact of emotions in managing customer confrontations
  •   Respond to challenging customer situations effectively
  •   Examine ways to create a positive impact on customers in a negative situation

This course, which deals with advanced skills in customer service, is meant to benefit:

  •   Budding entrepreneurs seeking customer handling skills to handle irate customers and build lasting customer relationships
  •   Customer service executives and business professionals in customer interfacing roles seeking to improve their service levels while dealing with irate customers
  •   Management executives seeking a direction or a framework to improve the level of customer experience provided by the organization
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