Negotiation Essentials: Persuasion

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Negotiation Essentials: Persuasion


 Duration: 1.5 hours

Do you find it difficult to influence and convince people to take appropriate action without the use of power or control?

It is a common belief that persuasion as a skill is restricted to professions such as sales, marketing and advertising where you are required to persuade people to act to your specific needs. However, contrary to popular belief, we all use persuasion in both our personal and professional lives to make others understand our viewpoint and agree with us.

Most people believe that you can use unethical means of persuasion such as nagging or coercion to achieve personal or business goals. The use of illegal and unethical means of persuasion to achieve your goals will result in destroying your personal as well as organizational credibility.

However, in this course, we will restrict ourselves to the tactics and strategies that are legal and ethical. Further, we will approach the concept of persuasion as a negotiation technique to influence the emotional side of an individual to accomplish your needs.

As a manager, you can use the power of influence and persuasion to move your organization and people forward. You can inspire and persuade individuals to scale new heights and create motivated teams in the process.

Not considering your organizational position or the types of clients or customers that you may have, much of your success in transforming yourself as an organizational leader depends on your ability to influence and persuade people over whom you have no assigned authority.

  •   The Principles of Influence
  •   The Ethics of Persuasion
  •   Developing Persuasion Skills
  •   Building Trust
  •   Barriers to Successful Persuasion
At the end of this module, you will be able to:
  •   Explain the fundamentals of persuasion as a negotiation skill.
  •   Describe the principles of persuasion.
  •   Explain the tactics and strategies that aid in successful persuasion.
  •   Determine the best strategy and tactic to be deployed in a negotiation process.

This course, which deals with persuasion as a negotiation skill, is meant to benefit:

  •   Budding entrepreneurs seeking to improve their persuasion skills to influence customers and improve their lead conversion rate
  •   Sales and business professionals in customer interfacing roles seeking to improve their sales performance record through use of their persuasion skills
  •   Management executives seeking to refresh their skills in persuasion to influence people to improve organizational performance
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