Preparing for Successful Sales

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Preparing for Successful Sales


 Duration: 1.5 hours

Do you have trouble converting your hard-won customer leads and enquiries to a successful sale?

Your marketing campaigns may generate tons of leads and enquiries. However, if your sales team is not able to convert these enquiries into successful sales and allow them to fall through the cracks, it is time for some introspection.

When the issue narrows down to a poor lead conversion rate, sales veterans across any industry will all agree unanimously on one point. The answer to a successful lead conversion process lies with how well you prepare for the first sales meeting with your prospective client.

Lack of preparation for the first meeting with a prospective client, may result in more than just a lost sale—it may reduce the confidence level of your sales force and may affect lead conversions of future opportunities.

A lot of planning and preparation goes before the first meeting to create a perfect sales pitch. An effective sales pitch is a two-way street. It involves a meaningful conversation that involves asking clarifying questions and offering a productive solution.

In this course, you will examine the steps involved in preparing for a successful sales meeting. Further, this course will provide you with a proven and tested four-step framework to establish the prospective customer’s profile, position yourself and your company, prepare a list of objections that may arise during the meeting and close the sale finally.

The success of a sales meeting is based on different elements. In this course, we illustrate the prerequisites of a sales meeting as outlined below:
  •   Establishing a Customer’s Need
  •   Influencing the Customer’s Buying Decision
  •   Building Rapport And Credibility
  •   Objections and its Types
  •   Meeting Call Objectives
  •   Planning for a Powerful Close
  •   Examine the steps to prepare for a successful sales meeting with a prospective client
  •   Establish the need of a customer for the product as an explicit or implicit need
  •   Examine a buying decision from the customer’s viewpoint
  •   Segment the customer’s profile under one of three categories of buying ‘Psyche’
  •   Appreciate the importance of positioning in a successful sale
  •   Develop positioning stances
  •   Categorize the customer’s objection and prepare rebuttals accordingly
  •   Handle objections to your personal advantage
  •   Establish objectives and cues that will assist in leading to a sale closure

This course, which deals with advanced skills in sales, is meant to benefit:

  •   Budding entrepreneurs seeking to improve their lead conversion rate
  •   Sales and business professionals in customer interfacing roles seeking to improve their sales performance record for better prospects
  •   Management executives seeking to refresh their skills in sales management
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