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People Management


 Duration: 2.5 hours

The employees of an organization are the biggest assets that directly maps to the performance of the organization. The collective attitude and performance of all the members of an organization result in the success or failure of the business.

Managers play a crucial role in controlling the performance and attitude of individual team members and the subsequent growth of the organization. On one hand, they play the role of a leader in inspiring and leading the workforce to outperform its potential. On the other hand, they also play a critical role in talent acquisition and management. Though a manager may find it overwhelming to perform the tasks underlying these roles, he or she will need to work towards streamlining these tasks to produce a productive workforce.

Your ability to manage people translates to the performance of the team. This course will focus on managerial skills that will help you connect and communicate with team members. Further, it will discuss the challenges involved in managing people and will provide you with useful tools and techniques to manage people for improved productivity and organizational performance.

Managing people is one of the critical tasks of a manager. Here, in this course, we will discuss the principles of people management as outlined below:
  •   Management Challenges
  •   Needs Analysis
  •   The Art of Questioning
  •   The Art of Conversation
  •   The Key to Motivation

This program will help the participants understand people and manage them more effectively to produce better work results.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  •   Describe the challenges that a manager may face while interfacing with the team
  •   Explore how to achieve skillful communication through the art of questioning and conversation
  •   Examine the root cause of motivation

This course will benefit:

  •   Entrepreneurs and new managers seeking a framework to manage people within their team
  •   Management executives seeking to revisit the people management skills
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