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 Duration: 2 hours

Great organizations thrive on the support of their teams that work together as a unified force. A tight cohesive bonding among team members, improved interpersonal communication and a high quality output characterizes a great team.

One of the primary goals of teamwork is to improve productivity and motivation. Further, it acts as a motivating factor to enable open communication of ideas and opinions among employees and inspires individuals to take up new challenges. In all situations, teamwork plays a crucial role in improving the problem solving skills of individual team members and the team as a whole.

If there is no agreement on the mission and purpose of any work within a team, there will be no coordination within the organization and will affect productivity. As you observe, the growth of an organization has a direct dependency on the synergy of its workforce.

This course on teamwork focuses on the significance of team in organizational productivity and things that you can do to become a productive member of a team. Further, the course will also discuss the different stages of team evolution and your role as a team member at each stage.

This course will help you understand team dynamics, develop yourself through introspection and interaction and appreciate the role of the team as outlined below:
  •   Our Understanding of a Team
  •   Definition of a Team
  •   The Stages of Team Evolution
  •   The Top-Down Approach of a Team
  •   Cross-Functional a Team

On the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  •   Identify the components of effective teamwork
  •   Explain team dynamics
  •   Perform better within teams, by recognizing and utilizing your strengths
  •   Describe the various stages of team evolution
  •   Describe how to position yourself appropriately at each stage to ensure optimum teamwork

This course is mean to benefit:

  •   Students who have completed their education and are preparing themselves for a prospective corporate career
  •   Business executives working in teams at all levels in an organization
  •   Supervisors and new managers in organizations seeking foundation skills in team building and management
  •   Management executives who wish to explore their leadership potentials or fine-tune their leadership and management skills to move to higher levels on the corporate ladder
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