Basics of Life Insurance

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Basics of Life Insurance


 Duration: 5 hours

A life insurance is a protection for your life, business, investments and properties. It insures you and your family against all types of risks and unforeseen accidents or illnesses.

Life insurance serves to be a financial support in the event of crisis as well as acts as a long-term investment. In this program, we will discuss the different aspects of life insurance plans such as the importance and advantage of life insurance, coverage and premium rates, the claims process and a few advanced concepts of life insurance. These aspects of life insurance will be presented in a structured framework and easy-to-understand language with real-life scenarios.

This program covers a wide range of topics to discuss the various types of insurance plans such as traditional and non-traditional plans, pensions and annuities.

On completion of this program, insurance agents will be in a better position to educate their customers and help them make a profitable investment decision. On the other hand, this program will help buyers make an informed choice by allowing them to compare different life insurance plans to meet their specific needs.

This program will serve as a comprehensive guide to understand concepts related to general insurance plans. This program can be taken up by insurance agents dealing with general insurance as well as individuals seeking to learn more about general insurance plans to make an informed investment decision.

This course is meant to benefit:

  •   Insurance agents who seek to influence prospective customers
  •   Entry-level sales personnel who aim to establish their career in the field of insurance
  •   Individuals who need to evaluate insurance plans to choose a right plan for themselves

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