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Cultural Sensitivity—Philippines


 Duration: 1 hour

The Philippines, an island country, is an industrial economy developed by a considerable amount of domestic and foreign investment.

The country has a steady growth in tourism attracting international visitors and business executives from the U.S., South Korea, Japan and Singapore. As the country was under Spanish rule and U.S. tutelage for a considerable period, the Philippines has a cultural affinity with the West, though it is more Asian in aspiration.

A tour of Philippines can be full of surprises if you are unacquainted with its history, culture or climate. For instance, did you know, Filipinos consider appearance and grooming while judging your merits? In addition, they smile to hide embarrassment or annoyance while discussing business.

As a tourist planning a trip to the Philippines, a 360-degree perspective of this country will help you carry yourself with poise in formal as well as informal situations. As a business personnel or an employee dealing with your counterpart in Philippines, it becomes all the more important to acquaint yourself with social and cultural norms of this land.

In this course, you will explore more about Philippines and things to expect even as you travel across this land. Further, the course will examine communication patterns and etiquettes specific to this country. Come; let us learn more about the Philippines.

To communicate effectively with your clients and counterparts hailing from a different country of origin, it always helps to learn more about their social and cultural norms.

Here, in this course, you will explore the cultural, social and political setup of Philippines. Further, you will learn how to conduct yourself confidently while interacting with Filipinos. Some of the aspects of this country that you will explore in this course have been outlined below:

  •   An Introduction to Philippines
  •   Facts
  •   History
  •   Ways of Life
  •   Business Etiquettes

In this course, you will:

  •   Examine how to conduct yourself confidently in unknown situations.
  •   Describe how to develop a strong business rapport when you arrive at your destination.
  •   Examine business, dining and dressing etiquettes specific to this land.

This course is meant to benefit:

  •   Business executives and management personnel:
  •   Who interact with customers or personnel belonging to a different culture over phone and e-mail
  •   Who work onsite at the customer’s place and want to equip themselves with intercommunication skills<\li>


  •   Individuals who are planning to take up overseas travel and would like to equip themselves with knowledge about a different culture
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